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Friday, October 5, 2018

Character Profile and Interview: Samantha

***Spoiler Alert***

 If you have not read the novel yet, reading the character interview questions and answers below will spoil it for you. This is meant to be read after you’ve finished reading the book.

Character Profile
Name: Samantha Lee
Age: 15
Hair Color: Golden-blonde
Eye Color: Gray
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Academic Focus: Mammal Audiology
Biggest Fear: Sharks

Personality Description:
Samantha Lee is a dedicated, loyal friend who will do anything to help her friends. A bit of a romantic and a dreamer, she’s less logical than the majority of her friends. Still, she knows how to reason when it comes to science and is knowledgeable about the biology of the undersea world. She’s smart but humble about it and unless you engage her in a discussion about marine biology or mammal audiology with entirely incorrect facts. Outgoing, she loves to make friends and spend time with other people. Part of her desire to be around others stems from being left alone so much as a child due to her workaholic parents. As a toddler, Dylan became her first friend and she’s been part of his group of friends ever since. After meeting Allie and discovering that she was a Land Dweller, it became her dream to visit land one day.

Samantha has the ENFP-T or Campaigner personality type. If you want to read more about this personality type, you can visit https://www.16personalities.com/entj-personality.

***Spoiler Content Below This Point***

Character Interviews

Question 1: When Dylan told you Allie would be living in Oceania for a while, what was your first thought?

Answer: I was excited! Allie’s a cool person and I don’t have many girl friends like her. I knew she’d need my help acclimating to life in Oceania. I mean, I couldn’t leave Dylan, Devon, and Max to be the only ones to give her advice on living in Oceania. I cringe to think what she would have been wearing. [Samantha laughs] I thought we’d have a great time together. Maybe have an adventure like two years ago when I helped her and Dylan escape Mayor Aldridge.

Question 2: You and Dylan have been like siblings since you were little. What was it like having Allie be considered his “real” sister?

Answer: It didn’t bother me. Dylan never treated either me or Allie any differently, so it didn’t matter. I think it was good for Dylan to have someone else at home since his parents are never there. Of course, he wasn’t there himself too much after going to Oceania University, but still. I think it was good for him.

Question 3: How did you feel about everyone’s actions while you were in a coma? Do you regret going out in the seamobile?

Answer: I was extremely touched! I can’t believe Allie called my mother and convinced her to come to the hospital. That was so selfless of her. She was recovering too and for her to call all the Dr. Lee’s in the database until she found my mom was amazing. She’ll always be my best friend for that. And Max and Pedro’s actions…I have to admit that I am flattered that they acted that way. Also, a little disappointed I wasn’t able to see it all happen! Dylan I wasn’t surprised about. He’s always been there for me no matter what happens. That’s why he’s my big brother.
As for going out in the seamobile, I don’t regret it. Living under the water has its dangers. Going out into the open ocean is a risk every time you do it. The accident could have happened at any time. The only thing I regret is that Allie’s life was risked too because I wanted to go out there. Next time, I’ll wait until my mentor can take me until I feel comfortable enough with a seamobile to use it on my own.

Question 4: Why did you help Allie hide Camille?

Answer: When I met Camille, she was a terrified little girl. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like for her to be so far away from home and not able to speak the language. I mean, we’re talking about a seven-year-old girl here. Her frightened little blue eyes melted my heart and I knew I couldn’t let her be discovered by Oceania Security. Unlike Allie, who would have people coming to her home every now and then, my parents hardly ever left the lab. I knew I could easily hide her in my home without anyone noticing. Also, I thought she’d be more comfortable at my house. Hiding her with me was also less suspicious because I wasn’t a Land Dweller like Allie. I also helped because Allie’s my friend and friends help each other.

Random Question: Why are you afraid of sharks?

Answer: [Samantha flinches and cringes] Is this a real question? I mean, seriously? Why wouldn’t I be afraid of sharks? They have hundreds of sharp teeth, scary faces, and bad attitudes. Both Allie and Dylan have tried to show me how graceful they can be, but I don’t care! They’re terrifying and I don’t want to ever see one in person again!

*Note: Samantha's age is based on her age in Allie's Return, not Oceania: The Underwater City.

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