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Friday, October 26, 2018

Character Profile and Interview: Camille

 If you have not read the novel yet, reading the character interview questions and answers below will spoil it for you. This is meant to be read after you’ve finished reading the book.

Character Profile
Name: Camille
Age: 7
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Favorite Color: Blue

Personality Description:
Camille is a young French girl who loves adventures and the outdoors. Delightful, she loves to play games and have fun like any other child. Having a curious nature, she likes to see how things work and easily picks up on new technology. Generally calm, it takes a lot to make her cry for her age. Although she’s young, she’s resourceful and brave enough to survive on her own for months without speaking to anyone. She misses her parents but is excited to meet Allie and Samantha and thinks of them as her big sisters.

***Spoiler Content Below This Point***
Character Interviews

Question 1: How did you get separated from your parents?

Answer: My maman and papa and my brothers were walking ahead of me towards a big building and listening to the tour guide. I got bored and saw a pretty picture and stopped to look at it. When I turned around, I didn’t see them anymore. Then a bunch of people pushed by me and I kept calling for them, but they did not hear me. I started walking around shouting their name, but they did not find me. I kept walking and walking until I got so lost I could not find them. I…[Camille starts to cry]…I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Question 2: Why did you decide to live in the school?

Answer: After I ran away and got lost, I saw this building with lots of cool pictures of animals. The pictures were all over the building. It looked so pretty that I wanted to see more of it. But when I got close, I saw big kids walking in and out of the building. After they stopped, I walked inside and looked around. I saw more and more of the pictures like outside, but these were in color. I liked the way it looked, and I found out that I could take food from the big kids when they weren’t looking. [Camille giggles] They were so easy to trick. It was fun. I found a place where there were not many people and I snuck around when no one was there. At night, it was all my own place and I could run around all I wanted there. I liked it, so I stayed.

Question 3: What is the first thing you want to do when you get back home?

Answer: I want to hug my maman and papa and my brothers. Then I want to go play outside with them. I want to run around and around in the meadow by my house and then I want to go inside and eat my favorite food for dinner. I want to stay up all night and tell my family everything I did in the underwater city. I want them to know that I was a big girl and took care of myself for a long time without any help from a grown-up!

Random Question: What is your favorite dessert?

Answer: Strawberry ice cream topped with strawberries and sprinkles and lots and lots of candy!

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