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Friday, December 18, 2020

Special Inventions in Terra Sea Merge



As Terra Sea Merge takes place mainly in the city of Oceania, there were few new inventions for this novel as most of the ones pertaining to the city have already been highlighted in the Oceania: The Underwater City and Allie’s Return novels. The one invention created specifically for this novel was briefly mentioned in chapter thirteen.


“She pointed to a machine called WQAD, short for Water Quality Analysis Device. It was like a spectrometer, except that it was more detailed in analyzing the chemical components of water down to the specific makeups of each particle.”

-Allie, Terra Sea Merge


Water Quality Analysis Device (WQAD)

Being surrounded by water, much of the science conducted in Oceania relates to water. Having a device that can analyze the chemical composition of the water and identify any impurities or the chemical makeup of any contaminants is essential. Enter the Water Quality Analysis Device (WQAD). The WQAD is used by marine scientists, chemical scientists, and even marine microbiologists. The use of it is so widespread that you’ll find it in any middle school or high school in Oceania located beside the typical microscopes. As an essential piece of technology, every laboratory in Oceania has a WQAD.


The WQAD works by placing a water sample as small as 5ml (0.17 ounces) into a container and placing it inside the WQAD. The WQAD will then analyze everything present in the sample down to each atom. A digital readout displays the chemical composition of the sample, including the most present element in the sample. The WQAD can be programmed to further analyze the sample, including suggesting the probable source of an unknown sample. Versatile, it can also be programmed to analyze any aqueous or liquid solution beyond water.


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