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Friday, March 31, 2017

Character Profiles and Interview: Dr. Wilcox

***Spoiler Alert***
 If you have not read the novel yet, reading the character interview questions and answers below may spoil it for you. This is meant to be read after you’ve finished reading the book.

Character Profile

Name: Dr. Samuel Wilcox
Age: 58
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Gray
Favorite Color: Colors are too trivial to have a preference
Favorite Place: His workshop
Biggest Pet Peeve: People that value social adeptness over intellect

Personality Description:
Dr. Samuel Wilcox is a brilliant scientist, inventor, and all-around recluse. Preferring to be by himself rather than in a group, living alone in a remote area of the Engineering District suits him well. Although his brilliance allows him to come up with incredible inventions, he sometimes struggles with the simplest things in life like organizational skills and taking care of himself. He has little patience for individuals who refuse to better themselves through education and knowledge but will talk with anyone interested in his work. Socially awkward, he fails to notice social cues and when his statements may be insulting or demeaning to others. Nonetheless, he can be caring and compassionate to those he cares about such as Dylan and Allie.

If Dr. Wilcox could be summed up in four words, they would be Intellectual Genius, Socially Awkward. He has the INTP or Logician Personality type. If you want to read more about this personality type, you can visit https://www.16personalities.com/intp-personality.

  ***Spoiler Content Below This Point***

Character Interview

Question 1: How did you become friends with Dylan Baker?

Answer: During Dylan’s middle school days and before I became the Chief Engineer of the city, I was a professor of engineering at Oceania University. Members of the engineering department were encouraged each year to attend science fairs across the city to either help judge the students’ projects or to be on the lookout for new talented students. One year I finally decided to go to one that happened to be held at Dylan’s school. Back then Dylan had been going through a phase where he wanted to be a marine engineer like his mother and he had created this astonishing nanobot specifically designed for measuring various quantities of the marine environment. I was so taken aback by his invention that I offered to help him improve upon his design. [Laugh] If only you could have seen his face light up at the prospect of further improving his invention. Since I don’t like to be around other people very much, I invited him and his mother to visit my workshop and showed him around. From then on, he visited me every weekend to work on his invention and even after he started becoming more interested in marine biology and left behind his pursuit of marine engineering, he continued to visit me. Often Dylan gave me hints and tips on what he saw that was lacking in my designs. I admired his innovation and persistence and we became friends.

Question 2: What were your first thoughts when Dylan introduced you to Allie?

Answer: Well, at first I didn’t even notice that Allie was in the room when Dylan arrived at my workshop. When I did, I was curious as to who she might be. Dylan had never brought any of his friends to meet me after several of them voiced their opinions that they thought it was weird that he spent so much time with me outside of his studies. So, I was surprised to see anyone with him. My first thoughts of her were that she seemed a little odd and out of place. Perhaps a bit nervous to be in my presence. I am the Chief Engineer of Oceania after all. I surmised that she had come to seek some advice from me, but I never guessed that she was a Land Dweller.

Question 3: Why did you continue to help Dylan and Allie when the mayor had incarcerated you along with them and after you’d successfully escaped?

Answer: Well, that’s an absurd question! Why wouldn’t anyone help them? I’m not a people person myself, but I wouldn’t leave the children to fend for themselves. That’s nonsense! Besides, Dylan is the only friend I had until Allie came along. It’d be a shame to lose them both.

Question 4: What is your opinion of merging the Above World with Oceania?

Answer: My opinion on the matter is quite irrelevant. The event has already occurred. However, I do believe it can be both beneficial and detrimental to both worlds. Oceania, as well as the Oceanians, are accustomed to being isolated from the Above World. Surely not everyone will be willing to share our hard work and ideas with the residents of land. My hypothesis is that if both worlds can coexist and respect the other, then we should be able to have a peaceful merging. Unfortunately, that so rarely occurs in the real world. I fear that the merging could cost Oceania some of its independence that it has thrived under. There’s no telling how the politics of the Above World could hamper or influence the city of Oceania. Not to mention if we are to share our inventions, ideas, and solutions in a free open environment like we have here, the Above World may not be receptive to it and may even perhaps steal some of our technologies. Regardless, I admire Dylan and Allie for doing what they did and I wholeheartedly support them.

Random Question: Can you really find anything in your workshop?

Answer: Certainly! Given time, I always find exactly what I need. I know where I placed my tools, scrap metal, and other inventions. I know them like the back of my hand.

 *There are also Character Profiles and Interviews for Allie and Dylan. If you missed the one for Allie, you can view it here. If you missed the one for Dylan, you can view it here

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