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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Character Profile and Interview: Allie

***Spoiler Alert***
 If you have not read the novel yet, reading the character interview questions and answers below will spoil it for you. This is meant to be read after you’ve finished reading the book.

Character Profile
Name: Allie
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Place: Beneath the waves
Biggest Pet Peeve: Adults disregarding teens just because of their age.

Personality Description:
Allie is a nature lover, stuck in a world that’s lost its contact with the natural world. With an adventurous spirit that drives her to take risks and explore the unknown, Allie can’t stand being cooped up in a city and would rather be out in nature. Feeling a comradery with the natural world, she struggles to make friends in the Above World where most people her age are into the latest in technology. Even though Allie doesn’t consider herself a science geek or nerd, she does love increasing her knowledge in various subjects. An underlying cautiousness hints to her internal self-doubts, although on the outside she puts up a shell to mask it. Though she refuses to admit it, the death of her father made a huge impact on her life and she still struggles to cope with it. The strained relationship she has with her mother causes her to revel in rebelling against authority, leading her to the Restricted Beach where she meets Dylan. Unlike the other teens she knows, Dylan’s passion for nature intrigues her, leading her to trust him in taking her on the adventure of a lifetime.

Allie has an INFP or Mediator personality type. If you want to read more about this personality type, you can visit https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality.

***Spoiler Content Below This Point***

Character Interview

Question 1: What’s the first thing you did after you realized you had helped to expose Oceania to the outside world?

Answer: Since Dylan and I were surrounded by Oceania’s security personnel and cops, the first thing I had to do was explain myself. Because Dylan and I created such a commotion on the way to Gran’s house, the Sunnyville cops had followed and we wound up having to explain to both them and Mayor Aldridge’s guards. It turned out that even though Dylan and I thought we would be untouchable after posting the information about Oceania’s founding on the Network, we were wrong. The Sunnyville police questioned us, but since we were minors, Gran was allowed to stay with us, which made it impossible for Mayor Aldridge’s guys to arrest us. After all of that was cleared up, the first thing I did was explain everything to Gran and my mom who’d called about million times when she thought I was missing.

Question 2: How did your mom and Gran react when they’d realized what you’d done?

Answer: It took a lot of explaining before either of them believed me. Luckily, Dylan was there too and showed them the same information we’d sent over the Network. I had taken some pictures of Oceania on my omniphone while I was there, so we shared that with them as well. Mom was pretty mad at me about everything, but Gran was fascinated. After ending the holocall with my mom, Gran asked so many questions about Oceania that Dylan and I spent hours answering them. Gran was stunned that I’d done the things I had and couldn’t believe I’d swam all the way to the surface from 12,000 feet!

Question 3: How hard was it to return to Chicago after the summer you had?

Answer: It was both easy and hard. Easy because I didn’t have to worry about any more of Mayor Aldridge’s people or deal with questioning from Sunnyville’s cops. Back in Chicago, there was only the buzz of what I’d posted. No one knew that it was me. Life could go back to normal for me there and I didn’t have to worry about being interrogated. It was hard because I missed Oceania and the ocean a lot. I’d grown used to the fact that I could visit the beach every day and see dolphins, sharks, anglerfish and the like. It was difficult to return to the middle of the country with only Lake Michigan to look at. My knowledge of the underwater city and the undersea realm constantly took over my mind and sometimes it was hard to concentrate in school. My only solace was that I knew I would be returning to Sunnyville the next summer and I’d be able to return to the underwater city.

Question 4: How were you able to keep it a secret that you and Dylan had been the ones to expose the city?

Answer: Well, we’d covered our tracks when we posted the information on the Network. We set our post as “anonymous” and Dylan bounced our location throughout a variety of servers to mask our real location. Not that our location would have really mattered. It only made sense that someone in Sunnyville would have discovered it. From then on, neither of us talked about it to anyone else on land. Dylan’s people knew that it was him, but he conveniently left Dr. Wilcox and me out of it. Since he was thought to be the only person to have done it, Oceania’s newly founded Tourism department appointed him as Liaison to the Land Dwellers. Oceania didn’t tell my world that Dylan was the one who’d exposed them because they were trying to keep the whole psycho Mayor Aldridge thing under control. Most of the people in Sunnyville were too confused and more concerned with what would happen to their small town if people started flocking there for tourism than finding out who’d exposed the city.

Random Question: What is your favorite thing about Oceania?

Answer: Hmm, my favorite thing about Oceania? That’s kind of a hard question to answer. I love so much about the city. It’s an incredible place with tech more amazing than what I could dream up in my wildest dreams. I guess I could say that’s my favorite thing—the technology of the city. There I can dream up anything in the OVRR or explore the depths with the SCUBAPS or seamobiles. The entire city is unique and it’s so gigantic that I still have much to discover about it. It’s so different from my world that I can’t help but be drawn to it.

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