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Friday, April 9, 2021

Character Profile and Interview: Thamina


When I’ve written character profiles and interviews before, I’ve always put them on one page along with a spoiler alert. However, in order to ask the best questions of each character, I had to reveal key plot points in either the questions or the answers, so for the character profiles and interviews for Terra Sea Merge, they will be split between here and my website. At the end, you’ll find a link to a private post page on my website with the interview portion of the post that you’ll need a password to access. The password will come from a line in the book. At the bottom of each post, I’ll specify where it can be found.


Character Profile

Name: Thamina Barnes

Age: 17

Height: 5'6

Hair Color:  Medium Brown

Eye Color: Brown

GPA: 4.0

Marine Interest: Coral Reefs


Personality Description:

Thamina Barnes is your typical go-getter. She doesn’t allow anything to stand in the way of her success. A quick learner, she easily picks up new languages and skills, making it easy for her to adapt to the shifting lifestyle of her ever-on-the-move family. With her life experience and outgoingness, she easily makes friends wherever she goes. As a loyal friend, she’ll stick up for others but always tries to see both sides of an argument in true diplomatic fashion. Fascinated with gaining new knowledge in every possible subject, Thamina is always eager to learn something new.


Thamina has the Protagonist or ENFJ-A personality type. If you want to read more about this personality type, you can visit https://www.16personalities.com/enfj-personality.


 To read Thamina’s interview, click here, and for the password, enter the second word in Chapter 18 of Terra Sea Merge.

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