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Friday, July 19, 2019

Character Profile and Interview: Devon

***Spoiler Alert***
 If you have not read Allie’s Return and Shark Station yet, reading the character interview questions and answers below will spoil it for you. This is meant to be read after you’ve finished reading the book.

Character Profile
Name: Devon Jones
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Color: Red
Official Job on Shark Station: Medical Assistant
Onboard Mentor: Dr. Amanda Jones

Personality Description:
Devon Jones is a loyal and true friend. Out of all Dylan’s friend’s, he’s the most level-headed and even-tempered. In his home life, Devon has always been pressured to do well. As a child, he had a boundless level of energy that drove his parents crazy. To help him contain it, he was trained in martial arts from the time he was able to walk, beginning with tai chi. Attracted to the sport of martial arts, he chose to spend a lot of his time honing his skills until he’d learned every style of martial arts. At the same time, he began to learn how the body moved and worked. He became passionate about how to improve the lives of athletes with sports injuries and how robotic joints functioned, which led him to his academic focus. Most of the time, he’s consumed with his studies, but he always has time for his best friends.  

Devon has the INFJ-A or Advocate personality type. If you want to read more about this personality type, you can visit https://www.16personalities.com/infj-personality.

***Spoiler Content Below This Point***
Character Interviews

Question 1: How did you feel about being banished to Shark Station along with your other friends when (let’s be honest here), you were the most blameless in the entire situation?
Answer: At first, I was kind of upset. The reason Mayor Cho gave for me being banished as well felt a lot less steep than everyone else’s reason. I thought maybe it had to do with my mother being sent too. Perhaps he knew she’d need a medical assistant. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Mayor Cho was right. What I did when I fought Mayor Aldridge’s guards was a direct violation of Oceanian conduct. I shouldn’t have been challenging authority like that even if it was for the right reason. [Devon reflects for a few moments, smiling proudly] I did take down quite a few security guards that day.

Question 2: It seems like you’re often dragged along on your friend’s adventures. What does it feel like being one of the more cautious members of the group?

Answer: I don’t know if I’d say I’m necessarily one of the more cautious members of the group, but I do tend to think things out before I do them. I try to think about the positive and negative consequences of my actions. However, I’ll drop anything and rush to the aid of a friend, so in that way, I’d say I’m not as cautious as I might appear to be. I will say that I’m probably the most patient out of all my friends. Waiting for something doesn’t bother me as much as it does most people.

Question 3: What was it like getting to work with your mother onboard Shark Station?

Answer: It was different and odd at first, but as we worked alongside each other, I learned a lot. At home, your mom is your Mom, you know? And working with her and seeing her as a professional in her element was different. She didn’t treat me as a son, she treated me as a colleague. She pushed me to think more critically and to focus on the slight details that can make all the difference. To be honest, I enjoyed our time working together.

Question 4: What was your first thought when Allie suggested using the SCUBAPS to escape Shark Station?

Answer: My first thought was to consider what could go wrong. I knew that it sounded like a viable option, whereas everything else sounded like it wasn’t going to work. Still, the thought of swimming 4,300 meters to the surface of the ocean sounded outrageous and panic-inducing. I still can’t believe we pulled it off. It was the most dangerous time of my life and unlike Allie, Dylan, and Samantha, I’d never had close calls like that before. I had to rely on everything I’d learned in my martial arts training to stay calm and collected in order to do what needed to be done to survive.

Random Question: What is your greatest fear?
Answer: My greatest fear? Hmm, that’s kind of hard for me to answer. I guess my greatest fear would be losing the ones I love. My family and friends mean everything to me, and I’d hate to lose them.

*Devon’s age is based on his age in Shark Station, not the prior two novels.

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