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Friday, June 9, 2017

Extra Information About the City—Exclusive Info

Originally, this blog post was supposed to contain exclusive information about the underwater city in which my novel takes place. However, I’ve decided to make Oceania: The Underwater City into a book series (yay!). At the moment, I’m in the process of editing the second book, Allie’s Return, and I realized that if I write this blog post the way I intended to, it could include spoilers for Allie’s Return and future novels in the series. So instead I will be leaving this blog post with this message until I decide to finish the series. When I finish it, I will go ahead and write this blog post the way I intended to.

On the week of July 17th  I plan to have a reader suggested blog post topic, so please don’t forget to email me with suggestions at elizataye@gmail.com at least a week prior to the date. 

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